Olivia Palmer

Designed in Sydney,
with love.


 A Stationary Queen

A collaboration between father and son, Larry and Garrett Leight, Mr. Leight bridges multiple generations of design and craftsmanship to deliver superlative contemporary eyewear. Together, they are committed to creating uncommonly thoughtful, beautiful, and original designs that combine the classic and the new and reflect the spectrum of their immense eyewear knowledge and expertise.

Mr. Leight represents a perfect union of Larry Leight’s decades-long history working with the finest eyewear craftsmen in the world as the Founder and Creative Director of Oliver Peoples, and Garrett Leight’s entrepreneurial spirit and uncompromising contemporary vision in his own endeavor, Garrett Leight California Optical. For both Larry and Garrett, creating impeccable, iconic eyewear is a truly lifelong pursuit.


Quietly unexpected, undeniably beautiful, and completely timeless. 


My Capabilities

I design for a variety of wedding and event related materials. I enjoy working closely with couples to create cohesive wedding packages, addressing every printed element from their save the dates through to post-wedding personalised stationery. 


The Details

When planning a wedding, I know that there's an array of options and wedding stationary is no exception. With a range of creative abilities and interests, I put as much thought and care into connecting couples with beautiful design and materials for their weddings. 



Visual Style

One of the most natural places to begin when thinking about your wedding Stationary is to narrow in on the aesthetic style that aligns best with your wedding vision and personalities as a couple. 

I refer to all of my designs as belonging to one of three general visual styles, either Illustrative, Typographic or Calligraphic, and offer a range of designs within these styles. 


Made in Sydney,
with care.



As a boutique business, I value my partnerships with those who help me to enrich my products and services. I work closely with local printers, calligraphers and illustrators that deliver flawlessly crafted quality. 




A love for paper

A love for materials is at the core of what I do, and I feel that paper is elemental to the art of luxurious printed matter. I employ stocks that are optimally designed for the presses that our printers operate. We utilize a curated selection of papers for most of our printed items, and custom papers may be specially requested.


Hands on creative

My business is incredibly hands-on with every aspect of collaborating on your stationery, from creating your initial quote to ensuring that your papers are carefully packaged and securely delivered, ready for your assembly and mailing.

I will give mailing guidance, postage advise, and assembled examples to help with the final steps. 


Bespoke Designs.

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